4 New Hybrid Cars to be Launch by Maruti Suzuki; Check Details

Maruti Suzuki is all set to launch 4 new hybrid cars in the future. Maruti Suzuki is India’s largest car manufacturer and also known for making fuel-efficient car.

4 New Hybrid Cars to be Launch by Maruti Suzuki
In picture Grand Vitara 7 seater.


At a time where leading Car manufacturers are shifting their focus towards electric cars, Maruti is planning to bring more Hybrid Cars in future. According to sources, Maruti is planning to debut four new hybrid vehicles in the future.

Next-Generation Dzire

4 New Hybrid Cars to be Launch by Maruti Suzuki
Next-generation Dzire.


The new generation Maruti Suzuki Dzire is scheduled to be launched in India in the months following the introduction of the all-new Swift. Following in the footsteps of its hatchback predecessor, the fourth-generation Dzire is likely to have an evolutionary design, significant interior changes, and a long list of features.

It would use the same 3-cylinder petrol engine that is tailored for city performance and efficiency. It would also feature a powerful hybrid system with a 1.2-liter petrol engine. The next-generation Dzire is slated to debut shortly after the hatchback.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Next-generation Maruti Swift.( Pics Credit- NDTV)


Suzuki Motors had already launched Next-generation Swift in Japan last year. The car is expected to launch in India later this year. The new design keeps the car’s vital features and places it among the best-selling vehicles in India. However, the most recent edition has gotten several updates, including new headlamps and DRLs, a revamped front grille with a more robust mesh pattern, new fog lights, and a sportier-looking bumper.

The Maruti Swift will be equipped with a new 1.2-liter, naturally aspirated, three-cylinder petrol engine linked to a powerful hybrid system from Toyota. This powerful hybrid powertrain is projected to significantly increase the car’s efficiency, with the compact hatchback returning roughly 35 kmpl.

Grand Vitara 7-seater

4 New Hybrid Cars to be Launch by Maruti Suzuki
Grand Vitara 7-seater.


Maruti Suzuki is currently working on 7-seator version of Grand Vitara. With an additional third row seat in the car, it remains to be seen whether the manufacturer will increase the wheelbase or just lengthen the overhangs, reducing the boot capacity that the Grand Vitara now offers.

The powertrain options, however, are expected to remain identical, with the future 7-seater Grand Vitara available with two engine options: a 1.5L strong hybrid petrol engine and a 1.5L K15C Smart hybrid petrol engine. The 1.5L TNGA Atkinson hybrid engine produces 115 horsepower and is partnered with an eCVT gearbox.  A 5-speed manual for the mild-hybrid engine and an eCVT automatic for the hybrid.

The SUV is planned to be released sometime in 2025.

The 1.5L K15C Smart hybrid petrol engine on the other hand churns out 103 horsepower and 117 Nm of peak torque. This engine will be available with either a 5-speed manual gearbox or the new 6-speed automated torque converter transmission.

What is a Hybrid Car?

A hybrid car employs more than one source of energy, combining a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor, and the two systems work together to propel the vehicle. This allows the car to use less petrol, resulting in higher fuel efficiency than a standard engine that just uses petrol. Electric power boosts the engine’s performance.

Types of hybrids-

Parallel hybrids-These are the most popular types of hybrids, which combine an electric motor and a petrol engine in a single gearbox.

Series hybrids-In this concept, a petrol engine is not attached to the wheels and instead generates electricity for a generator that recharges the batteries. The entire propulsion system is powered by an electric motor.

Plug-in hybrids-In this design, the battery can be recharged by connecting to an external source of electricity. It has such a massive battery that it can finish a daily commute using only electricity.

Mild hybrids- In this form of hybrid, the electric motor is incapable of moving the vehicle on its own. The majority of the work is done by a petrol or diesel engine, with an electric motor helping to reduce fuel consumption, increase performance, or both.

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