Apple can introduce foldable iPhone and iPad in future

As per reports, Apple is Continuing with foldable iPhone designs. The new foldable iPhone is still in early development, so we can’t expect its launch any time soon.

Apple is looking forward to make foldable iPhone in future.
Apple is looking forward to make foldable iPhone in future. (Pics Credit-9to5Mac)


As per a new report by the information, Apple is looking forward to make foldable iPhones in future. Apple has been studying foldable iPhones since 2018, and currently has at least two active prototypes.

According to the source, Apple’s industrial design team aimed to produce a gadget that is half as thin as current iPhone models, so that when folded shut, it is not excessively thick. They’ve also looked into adding screens that face outwards, so they can be seen while the device is closed. However, the actual realities of components such as batteries and displays have made it challenging for engineers to achieve these ambitious objectives.

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Apple is reported to have recently negotiated component orders with Asian manufacturers for a foldable iPhone in two sizes. Nonetheless, The Information warns that the project may be scrapped if the final device does not fit Apple’s design requirements.

Apple is said to be looking on solutions to reduce the crease in the middle of the display that emerges when folding repeatedly. The company intends the device to be fully flat, allowing users to interact with the screen and freely write on it with attachments such as the Apple Pencil.

According to The Information, Apple halted development of the foldable iPhone around 2020 in favour of an inward folding iPad the size of an iPad mini. That device would feature about an eight-inch screen. A foldable iPad has less strict durability standards than a phone form factor. The iPad could possibly be thicker because it is not intended to be carried in pockets.

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