Apple iPad Pro 2024 is expected to launch soon according to reports

Apple iPad Pro 2024: No new iPad were launched in the 2023 but Apple has decided to launch iPad pro this year in March or April. A report revealed that Apple will add a new feature of new version of Face ID with a landscape camera placement in iPad pro.

Apple iPad Pro 2024
New Apple iPad pro 2024 to be launch in March or April. (Pics Credit-9to5 Mac)


The hints come from the recently published iPhone software beta, iOS 17.4. According to 9to5Mac, the software contains references to a new iPad model, which we haven’t seen previously.

According to code discovered by 9to5Mac in internal iOS 17.4 beta files, Apple has been developing a new iPad model with a TrueDepth camera (used for Face ID) situated at the top when the iPad is in landscape configuration.

Currently, every iPad Pro model with Face ID has the camera on the side while the iPad is in landscape mode, resulting in an awkward angle for video conferencing. That’s because the camera is only visible at the top of the screen when the iPad is held vertically, whereas the iPad Pro is attached horizontally to the Magic Keyboard.

We know this because it refers to a landscape Face ID camera, which is one that sits along the tablet’s long side. With the exception of the tenth-generation iPad, every iPad since 2011 has had a camera on the short edge, in portrait mode. The original iPad, debuted in 2010, featured no camera at all. So, might this be a hint about a new entry-level iPad?

That’s because there are also references to how the user should configure Face ID, which is not available on the entry-level iPad, which uses Touch ID instead. In fact, the iPad Air employs touch ID as well, so unless one of those tablets switches to the more expensive Face ID, all signs point to a new iPad Pro.

Even the first iOS setup has been redone for the new iPad. “Face ID needs to be in landscape to learn how to recognise you,” states a new system string. “During Face ID setup, iPad must be in landscape mode, with the camera at the top of the screen. Another notification states that once the setup is complete, Face ID works in both portrait and landscape modes.

Currently, thw 10th generation iPad is the only model with a landscape front camera, although it uses Touch ID instead of Face ID. Many rumours imply that Apple is set to release a new, redesigned iPad Pro soon.

Rumors about next-generation iPad pro

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has been working on redesigned accessories for the next generation iPad Pro, implying that the iPad itself may receive a new design. Rumours  are there that Apple will add MagSafe technology to the iPad Pro. Other rumours suggest the inclusion of an OLED display and greater storage options.

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