Apple Vision Pro: Apple Launches its first Spatial Computer

Apple Vision Pro is finally available, at least in the United States. Apple’s mixed reality headset, which was announced last June at WWDC 2023, is now available in stores for $3,499.

Apple Launches its first Spatial Computer Vision Pro.
Apple Launches its first Spatial Computer Vision Pro.( Image Credit- Apple)


The Vision Pro features ultra-high-resolution displays that outperform the pixel density of a 4K TV for each eye, giving customers an unprecedented viewing experience comparable to a 100-foot screen.

About Vision Pro

The $3,500 headset, which combines three-dimensional digital information with a view of the outside world, became available in the company’s physical U.S. stores on Friday. Apple’s pricey device comes with custom computing chips and difficult-to-manufacture displays.

The tech giant has unveiled an outstanding lineup of over 600 apps and games specifically designed for the Apple Vision Pro headset.

The Vision Pro delivers revolutionary spatial experiences, transforming any room into a personal theatre for immersive entertainment, enabling unique kinds of collaboration and content creation, and providing thrilling gaming adventures.

Sports fans may enjoy immersive experiences with apps such as PGA TOUR Vision, which provides real-time shot tracking overlayed on 3D renderings of actual golf courses, as well as crucial statistics and event information.

Top entertainment apps, including Disney+, have embraced Vision Pro’s unique features, providing viewers with creative ways to engage with their favourite material.

Furthermore, Apple Music users may listen to over 100 million songs ad-free with Spatial Audio, which includes Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio and is seamlessly connected with AirPods Pro (2nd generation) via USB-C, delivering an unrivalled acoustic experience.

Tim Cook’s Memo to employee about Vision Pro

In a note addressed to Apple staff on Friday, viewed by Bloomberg, Cook states that Apple Vision Pro brings in a “new era of spatial computing” and that all employees should celebrate the company’s accomplishments while also “reflecting on the amazing potential that still lies ahead.”

According to the memo, the executive was at the Apple Fifth Avenue shop in the morning, and the consumers’ excitement about the Vision Pro’s launch “was palpable.” Cook also commended the Retail teams for their “vital role” in demonstrating and delivering the new device to the world.

Cook also compared the launch of the Apple Vision Pro to the launches of other Apple products, including the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. “We knew we had something special [with the iPhone], but none of us could have predicted the profound impact on our daily lives,” implying that Vision Pro will be successful in the future.

Apple Vision Pro Launch event.
Tim Cook at Apple Fifth Avenue store in the heart of New York City.( Image Credit: 9to5Mac)


Apple CEO Tim Cook is celebrating the Vision Pro debut in New York City. In addition to visiting Apple Fifth Avenue, Cook spoke on Good Morning America to discuss Apple’s effort into spatial computing.

“I believe it will be used in a variety of ways because to its spatial computing capabilities. The iPhone introduced us to the mobile computer. “The Mac introduced us to personal computers,” Cook explained. “This is the first spatial computer.”

“The company only has a couple of these. Most businesses have none. We’ve had the MacBook, the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone, the Apple Watch, and now the Vision Pro. It’s one of those moments.

“People will interact with it in different ways. Some folks will connect with it via FaceTime. Some folks will train with it. Surgeons will receive training on the subject. The number of use cases is comparable to a computer. It’s simply massive. Cook told GMA co-anchor Michael Strahan, “There are already over 1 million apps for it.”

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