Blast near Israel embassy in Delhi, bomb squad on the scene

Blast near Israel embassy in Delhi: On Tuesday evening, the Israeli embassy confirmed a blast near the consulate building. This followed a call to the Delhi Fire Department regarding an explosion behind the embassy.

Blast near Israel embassy in Delhi
Police and other officials near the Embassy of Israel after Delhi Police received a call about a blast near the embassy, in New Delhi district, on December 26, 2023. | Photo Credit: PTI


The Israeli embassy announced on Tuesday evening that a bomb occurred near the consular building. According to sources, a letter wrapped in an Israeli flag was also discovered near the detonation scene. According to the source, the letter is addressed to the Ambassador of the Israeli embassy.

“We can confirm that there was a blast near the embassy around 5:08 p.m.” ‘The Delhi police and security team are still investigating,’ claimed an embassy official.

When contacted, Israeli embassy spokeswoman Guy Nir stated, “We can confirm that there was a blast in close proximity to the embassy around 5:48 pm.” The matter is still being investigated by the Delhi Police and the security personnel.” “All of our diplomats and workers are safe,” said Deputy Chief of Mission (Israel) Ohad Nakash Kaynar. Our security teams are fully cooperating with local Delhi security and will look into the subject further.”

Officials from the Delhi Fire Services said they received a call about the explosion at 5:45 p.m., which was transmitted from the Delhi Police PCR (police control centre). The fire service dispatched two fire engines to the scene right away.

Police and fire authorities are on the scene, and a search is underway, according to fire officials.

According to sources, the caller informed police that there was a blast behind the embassy.

A guard stationed at the embassy told the reporters that he heard a loud commotion behind the embassy and called the police.

The Special Cell of the Delhi Police has also arrived at the scene. Security personnel have been deployed and the area has been blocked off.According to police, they are searching every nook of the neighbourhood. So far, no explosives have been discovered, and the search is still ongoing.

According to them, the bomb disposal squad and rescue teams were promptly dispatched to the scene.

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