Ex-ISRO advisor claims Chandrayaan 3 can handle hard landings as well.

Chandrayaan 3: ISRO stated that the mission is on schedule and that the systems are being checked on a regular basis.

Chandrayaan 3
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As Chandrayaan 3 prepares for a soft landing on the moon’s south pole on Wednesday, a former ISRO advisor has stated that the lander can handle a “rough landing” as well.
Dr. Surendra Pal, former senior advisor for ISRO‘s Satellite Navigation programme, stated, “The lander has the capability of hovering like a helicopter if a suitable landing site is not available.” The moon’s south pole is littered with debris and craters. The surface is really rough. The landing area has been expanded from 2.5 to 4 miles.”
“The entire moon has been mapped using orbiter 2 pair cameras with a 25 centimeter resolution.” Whatever photos are collected, they will be compared to determine which spot is best,” Pal told ANI.
He also stated that if the ‘Vikram’ lander is unable to land softly tomorrow, it will be able to land on August 27. “In a statement, the ISRO chairman stated that even if two thrusters fail, we can land.” Many adjustments are being implemented. Software and hardware simulations have been performed. “Things have been simulated on the moon’s surface,” Pal continued.
“Soft landing” means the lander’s legs can withstand impacts of more than 3 metres per second. We anticipate that the velocity will be 1.86 metres per second. Even if one of the lander’s legs lands on a slanted surface, the landing will be stable. “It can also handle a rough landing,” stated the former ISRO advisor.
ISRO stated earlier in the day that the mission is on track. “The mission is running on time. System checks are performed on a regular basis. The good times are continuing. ISRO had written on X, “The Mission Operations Complex (MOX) is buzzing with energy and excitement!” while uploading photographs of the moon obtained by the lander position camera at a height of 70 kilometers.
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