Christian Oliver and his daughters, ages 10 and 12, were killed in a plane crash.

Christian Oliver is an actor who has appeared in films such as ‘The Babysitters Club,’ ‘Speed Racer,’ ‘Valkyrie,’ and others.

Christian Oliver died in a plane crashed into the sea off a Caribbean island.
Christian Oliver died in a plane crashed into the sea off a Caribbean island.


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Christian Oliver (actual name Christian Klepser), who appeared in films such as Speed Racer and Valkyrie, was killed along with his two young daughters after their small plane crashed into the water off the coast of a Caribbean island on Thursday. Robert Sachs, the plane’s owner and pilot, was also killed in the disaster. Oliver was 51 years old.

Four people were murdered when a plane carrying actor Christian Oliver and his two young daughters crashed in the Caribbean on Thursday.

The event occurred off the island of Bequia, according to a statement issued by the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force on Thursday. The little single-engine plane was flying from Paget Farm’s J.F. Mitchell Airport to St. Lucia.

“Moments after takeoff, the aircraft encountered difficulties and plummeted into the ocean,” local authorities stated. “Paget Farm fishermen and divers went to the scene of the incident in their boats to help.” The SVG Coast Guard was notified and immediately dispatched to Paget Farm, Bequia, to lead the rescue attempts.”

According to authorities, the single-engine plane took off from F Mitchell Airport in Bequia, a tiny island and part of the Caribbean nations of St. Vincent and Grenadines Thursday afternoon and was headed to nearby St Lucia when it crashed.

The cause of the crash is still being investigated. According to local reports, the pilot radioed the tower shortly after takeoff to advise that he was having problems and would be returning. That was the plane’s final transmission.

Authorities named the three passengers as Christian Klepser, 51, and his two children, Madita, 10, and Annik, 12. Robert Sachs, who also owned the plane, was confirmed as the pilot.

The bodies of the pilot and passengers were recovered from the aircraft and waterways by the SVG Coast Guard, according to authorities. The victims were later declared deceased.

About Christian Oliver

Oliver, who was born in Germany, collaborated with Steven Soderbergh on The Good German, opposite Cate Blanchett and George Clooney, with Brian Singer and Tom Cruise on Valkyrie, and with the Wachowskis on Speed Racer in 2008. He also spent two years as a detective in the popular German action series Alarm for Cobra 11 (RTL). His television credits include Saved By the Bell: The New Class. His most recent feature film credit is Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Oliver had just finished filming his final sequences in his latest picture, Forever Hold Your Peace, directed by Nick Lyon and co-starring Bai Ling.

Lyon took to Instagram on the final day of filming to pay tribute to Oliver, writing, “We talked about producing a film together for years and finally did it!” Thank you for being such a wonderful colleague, performer, and friend.”

Klepser was an actor who also went by the name Christian Oliver, according to various sites, including NBC News, Deadline, and the St. Vincent Times. His filmography includes The Babysitters Club, The Good German, Speed Racer, and Valkyrie.

“Greetings from somewhere in paradise!” Oliver said on Instagram on January 1 beside a beach photo. To love and community…”Here we come, 2024!”

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