Earthquake today: Tremors felt in Delhi-NCR and other regions of North India as a 5.8 magnitude earthquake shakes Afghanistan

Earthquake in Delhi today: The earthquake in Delhi was of magnitude 5.8 and was located around Jurm in northern Afghanistan.

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Earthquake in Delhi today: Saturday’s earthquake originated more than 200 km below the earth’s surface.
On Saturday evening, another earthquake in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region rattled northern India, including Delhi and its surrounding territories. However, like in past occasions, no harm was done.
The 5.8 magnitude earthquake was located around Jurm in northeastern Afghanistan, the same location that produced a 6.6 magnitude earthquake on March 21 that was felt strongly throughout most of northern India.
Saturday’s earthquake, like the last one, began deep beneath the earth’s surface, severely limiting its ability to wreak harm in distant areas such as India.

According to the website of the United States Geological Survey (USGS), Saturday’s earthquake occurred more than 200 km beneath the earth’s surface. The March 21 earthquake began 187 km beneath the surface.
Deep earthquakes, if severe enough, can be felt across long distances because the vibrations extend out radially from the point of origin. The radial spread increases as the distance travelled to reach the surface increases. As the crow flies, the Jurm region of Afghanistan is more than 1,000 km from Delhi.
But deep earthquakes also have a lower potential to cause damage because they dissipate a substantial part of their energy by the time they emerge on the surface.

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Northeastern Afghanistan, near the borders with Tajikistan and Pakistan, is prone to earthquakes with magnitudes of 6 or higher. This area was hit by five earthquakes of magnitude 4 or higher on Saturday alone. If these quakes occur far beneath the earth’s surface, their tremors are felt throughout northern India.

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