Elvish Yadav in a new Controversy for slapping a man in a restaurant at Jaipur

After video of Elvish Yadav slapping a man in a restaurant at Jaipur has gone viral over the internet, the youtuber claimed that the man had made derogatory statements about his family. 

Elvish Yadav slapped a person in a Jaipur restaurant.
Elvish Yadav slapped a person in a Jaipur restaurant.


Bigg Boss OTT winner and popular Youtuber Elvish Yadav is again in a new controversy. He slapped a man at a restaurant in Jaipur on Sunday. Videos of the incident spread quickly on social media channels, causing Elvish to produce an audio clip defending his conduct.

In the audio clip he said,”“Bhai, dekho, matter ye hai, naa mujhe shauk hai ladai karne ka, naa mere ko haath uthane ka shauk hai. Main apne kaam se kaam rakhta hoon. Main chalta hoon normal. Aur jo photo khichwane ko kehta hai, hum kichwate hai aaram se photo. Par, jo koi piche se comment pass karta hai, usko nahi bakshte (I am not interested in fighting nor slapping someone. I click photos with whoever asks but if you make a personal remark, I don’t spare them either).”

He continued, “There were cops and commandos with us. It’s not like we did anything wrong. This was personal. He took a personal dig at me, so I hit him. I do not have any regrets. Hello, Aisa (I am only like this). He yelled abuse at me, and I responded in my style.”

In the Video we can see that first he was seen exiting a restaurant and coming back to the man inside and then slapped him out of rage. When the person tried to argue back, Elvish turned back to face him but was stopped by his team.

Elvish Yadav recent controversy


              Elvish Yadav beaten up by the crowd in Vaishno Devi

Sometimes fame is difficult to achieve and even more difficult to sustain. Elvish Yadav was in controversy back in December 20 when he visited Vaishno Devi Temple in Jammu & Kashmir. He was accused of having a clash with a journalist named Pradeep Singh, after which video of his friends almost getting beaten up by the public got viral.

As shown in the video, Elvish and Raghav were approached for a photograph by a man who claimed to be a journalist. When they refused the request, the man grabbed Raghav’s shoulder while the Bigg Boss OTT season 2 winners fled quickly.

But the reporter has a different angle to the story, The reporter claimed that he was merely asking the man how he felt about visiting the Vaishno Devi temple when he allegedly grabbed his microphone. As seen in the video, Elvish says, “Jai Mata Di. Yeh sab mat karo. When the reporter asks the same question again, he attempts to take his phone.

Singh then reported that his companion grabbed him by the neck and attempted to steal his mobile phone. Pradeep Singh revealed that he brought his microphone to his hotel room, then contacted him to apologise. Elvish also passed him a byte.

                                                 Snake Venom Case

Elvish Yadav provide snakes for a rave party in sector 51 of Nodia?

During the operation, the police reportedly recovered nine snakes, five of which were cobras, as well as around 20 ml of snake venom. Fans have noticed snakes in many of his YouTube videos. Yadav reportedly hosted the party at his property in Noida. The snake venom was supposedly utilised as a recreational drug.

He then in a statement, “I woke up in the morning and saw the kind of news being spread against me. It’s all over the media that Elvish Yadav has been arrested, and he has been caught with intoxicating substances. All the accusations against me that are spreading are completely false. Not even 1% of them are true.”

Meanwhile, Elvish Yadav was one of the most searched people in 2023, according to Google.

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