Nothing Phone 3 cost and release date have all been leaked; here’s everything we know about it.

The Nothing Phone 3, Carl Pei’s next smartphone, is expected to maintain the brand’s revolutionary approach to design and marketing. The device, which might be released in July 2024, is expected to have distinctive design components as well as a competitive pricing plan.

Nothing Phone 3
Nothing Phone 3.( pics Credits-YouTube )

Carl Pei revealed his new enterprise, Nothing, to the world in 2020. With its creative marketing technique and unusual transparent industrial designs, the firm has become one of the fastest-growing smartphone and wearables brands in just three years. The Nothing Phone 2 was released in mid-2023, substantially boosting the company’s reputation and raising interest for the future Nothing Phone 3.

The Nothing Phone 3, the next iteration of Nothing’s Phone series, is expected to be released in 2024. While specifics are still being withheld, here’s what we know thus far based on leaks, hearsay, and guesswork.

Nothing 3 launch and price

While the actual release date of the Nothing Phone 3 is yet unknown, its predecessor’s release calendar provides some insight. According to Android Police, given that the Nothing Phone 1 and 2 were released in July of their respective years, the Phone 3 is likely to follow suit.

Notably, the launch dates of Nothing phones are unusual in the smartphone market, where debuts typically take place around the new year or around the holidays. Nothing benefits from this by taking advantage of the relative absence of competition in July. Once again, this unusual release window has the potential to attract customers and increase anticipation.

Meanwhile, given the varied prices of its predecessors, the pricing plan for the Nothing Phone 3 remains unknown. The first Phone 1, which was available through a limited beta programme, was priced at £400 or €470 (roughly $500) in Europe. The following Phone 2 witnessed a modest increase of roughly $100, reaching a price threshold of $600 in the United States. Nothing Phone 1 was released in India with a starting price of Rs 32,999 and Phone 2 with a starting price of Rs 44,999.

Depending on the Phone 3’s additional features and advances, we can expect a similar pricing range or possibly another $100 increase. However, preserving the Phone 2’s $600 benchmark remains an option, ensuring continuity with its predecessor’s pricing structure.

Nothing Phone 3 alleged specifications and expectations

Nothing has a reputation for keeping its flagship handsets under wraps, which has fueled conjecture regarding the Nothing Phone 3’s design and specifications. The company’s trademark transparent back is expected to return, distinguishing the Nothing Phone 3 visually. According to Android Police, the addition of Glyph lights, programmable LED strips for alerts, and video-filled lights is extremely expected, reinforcing the brand’s distinct style.

In terms of technical characteristics, the Nothing Phone 3 is expected to use a processor from the previous year rather than the most recent technology, similar to prior iterations. This technique, as demonstrated by the Nothing Phone 2’s adoption of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, allows the company to offer reasonable cost without sacrificing performance significantly. Furthermore, rumours point to a possible “Phone 2a,” a mid-range product that would follow in the footsteps of Google’s Pixel a series.

Nothing has been dedicated to its focus on aesthetically beautiful hardware and a clean software experience in terms of software. The Nothing Phone 3 will most likely build on the customisation options introduced in the Phone 2, while adhering to the company’s bloatware-free ideology. Nothing hopes to expand its support beyond the existing three years of upgrades and four years of bi-monthly security patches by focusing on Android updates.

Nothing Phone 3 is likely to pay special attention to the camera system, an area where Nothing can enhance. Despite advancements achieved in the Phone 2, issues in low-light circumstances remain, raising hopes for improved image processing capabilities in the forthcoming iteration.

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