Sevilla vs Arsenal match results: Goals from Jesus and Martinelli secure victory in the Champions League match score line 1-2

Sevilla vs Arsenal match results: Arsenal won the Champions League in Seville with goals from Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Martinelli either side of halftime.

Sevilla vs Arsenal match results


Sevilla vs Arsenal: They were built to fight, but Arsenal have returned to the top. Youssef En-Nesyri sprang to head as the clock struck 90 in the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, with Sevilla still pressing for the equaliser that would change everything. But the ball sailed wide, allowing Arsenal to hold on to a 2-1 triumph and control of their own destiny. Gabriel Jesus delivered two outstanding performances either side of halftime, the first a great assist that broke the game wide in the blink of an eye, and the second a shot that flashed past rjan Nyland and into the far corner.

Arsenal’s first goal came near the conclusion of the first half, as the game began to shift away from them and just as Sevilla felt they might have one of their own, only to be split open. Lucas Ocampos’ superb footwork saw him get away from Bukayo Saka, slipping the ball through the England international’s legs and running at the defence, space opening up ahead of him, the Sánchez-Pizjuán’s voice rising with each step of the run, only to fall swiftly silent because they were exposed when Dodi Lukebakio’s cross was cleared by Gabriel Magalhes.

A beautiful turn by Jesus, every bit as excellent as Ocampos’, saw him dodge two players and slide the ball into a big gap. Martinelli was running free from the midway point, a long run to the goal, right down the middle. Nyland approached him. It was the second time the two guys had met, but the conclusion was different this time, the ending smoother. Martinelli hesitated, moved his weight to the right, stepped around the custodian and rolled the ball into an empty net.

Martinelli scored the goal he had missed earlier when, 10 minutes in, he was released by Jorginho only to telegraph his intentions a bit too plainly, allowing the Norwegian goalie to block. At the time, it appeared that Arsenal would frequently open up Sevilla, stepping high and dominating the first quarter, but Diego Alonso’s team had settled and that early momentum had slipped. Sevilla had made incremental progress. The problem was that too many of their moves ended up at Lukebakio’s feet.

He squandered the finest of Sevilla’s first-half chances, one of which came from a worryingly familiar source. When put under pressure, David Raya sent a sloppy pass straight to Ocampos, who found Lukebakio right near the penalty spot. Raya escaped another inquiry in the great goalkeeping controversy because to his touch.

This was not a game with many chances, and Sevilla took advantage of them, with Sergio Ramos stepping out from the back to find Ocampos, who poked it into the path of En-Nesyri. Beyond the defence, his shot faded past the far post, but Sevilla were emboldened and began to take more risks. That was a bad idea, as it turned out.

Sevilla had been cut with only a few minutes to go before the interval. If it was ever a chance to stitch oneself up, the wound was swiftly and superbly opened. Jesus received the ball on the left, cut inside Jes Navas, took a step to the good area for a shot, and curved a wonderful finish into the far corner.

Arsenal had started the second period as if determined to terminate this game, and nine minutes in, it appeared that they had. But a header from a corner by Nemanja Gudelj put Sevilla back in it, and then Mariano Daz, on as a substitute, pulled the ball down on his chest and slammed a shot against the crossbar; game back on, the Pizjuán back in voice. Ocampos then delivered an overhead kick.

Sevilla were now putting all they had at Arsenal. This is possibly what Mikel Arteta meant by the need of emotional control, the ability to resist and overcome adversity. The end of the first half demonstrated that, as the pressure mounted, there might be an opportunity for Sevilla to go forward and take risks.

They failed to capitalize; nor did they need to, with William Saliba in particular staying firm and En-Nesyri scuffing a fleeting glimpse of the ball in the area. “Europe knows what we are capable of,” the home banner threatened at the start, but Sevilla couldn’t get through. Arsenal should immediately.

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