Shreyas Talpade on His Heart Attack: “Clinically, I Was Dead.” “This is my second chance at life.”

Shreyas Talpade experienced a heart attack last December.

Shreyas Talpade experienced a heart attack last December.

Shreyas Talpade, a Bollywood actor who experienced a heart attack in December 2023, has spoken up about the terrifying experience. The actor described his recuperation as a “second chance at life” in an interview with ETimes. Shreyas admitted that his recovery was “nothing short of a miracle,” and he did not see this health setback coming. “I’d never been hospitalised before, not even for a fracture, so I didn’t see this coming.” Don’t take your health lightly. Toh Jahaan hai toh Jaan hai. This type of experience alters your outlook on life.

I started doing theatre when I was 16, and I became a professional actor when I was 20. I’ve been solely focused on my career for the past 28 years. Our families are taken for granted. We believe we have enough time. “As a country, we are not very good at preventive care,” he was reported as adding.

Shreyas Talpade provided information on his health status, thanking his wife Deepti, doctors, and well-wishers. “For the past two and a half years, I’ve been working nonstop and travelling extensively for my films, Pushpa [Shreyas dubbed for Allu Arjun in Hindi], or shows,” he explained. However, I had been feeling exceedingly tired for the past two months. It was strange, but because I had been working constantly, I assumed I was just tired, which is common.

I enjoyed what I was doing, so I persisted. Of course, I had myself examined. I underwent an ECG, 2D Echo, sonography, and blood tests. My cholesterol was elevated, and I was on medicine to lower it. I have a family history of heart disease, so I was taking precautions.”

Shreyas Talpade recalled what transpired on that tragic day, “We were shooting in Mumbai at the SRPF grounds near Jogeshwari for Ahmed Khan‘s Welcome To The Jungle.”

We were doing army drills like swinging on a rope and falling into water, and everything was going swimmingly…After the last shot, I was out of breath and my left hand began to hurt. I couldn’t even get to my vanity van to change my clothes. Because we were filming action sequences, I assumed it was a muscle pull. You don’t consider the worst-case situation, do you? I’d never felt such exhaustion before.”

“As soon as I got into the car, I felt I should head straight to the hospital, but thought I should go home first,” the Iqbal actor continued. Deepti, my wife, saw me in that position and we were on our way to the hospital [Andheri’s Bellevue] within 10 minutes.

We were almost there and could see the hospital gate, but the entrance was barred and we had to turn around. My face became numb the next second, and I passed out. That was a heart attack. For those few minutes, my heart had stopped pounding. As we were stalled in traffic, Deepti couldn’t get out of the car from her side of the door, so she climbed over me and got to the other side to phone for help. Several individuals came to our aid and rushed me inside. The physicians used CPR and electrical shock to revive me.”

Shreyas Talpade revealed that two major arteries were completely clogged (one was 100% obstructed and the other was 99% blocked) and that he had angioplasty to install a stent. “When I regained consciousness, the doctors said I smiled at them and apologised to my wife for putting her through this ordeal.” For five days, I was under monitoring.”


“Now, I’m taking one day at a time and resting it out,” he said of his future intentions. The doctors indicated I may return to work after six weeks. My producers advised me to take it easy as well. I just want to unwind, spend time with my family, spend time with my daughter, watch films, and read books. When something like this happens, your family is the ones who suffer the most…”

When Shreyas Talpade returned home safely a few days ago, his wife Deepti wrote a thank you note. “My life, Shreyas, is back home… safe and sound,” she wrote. I’d dispute with Shreyas that I don’t know where to put my trust. God Almighty, I now have the solution to my inquiry. He was with me that evening when this life-changing incident occurred. I don’t think I’ll ever doubt his existence again.”

“I wish to take a moment and thank the Good Samaritans of our city,” she added, thanking those who assisted Deepti during the couple’s time of need. That evening, I asked for assistance and received ten hands. They didn’t know who they were helping while Shreyas lay inside the car, but they came running. That evening, you were God incarnate for all of those folks. Thank you very much. I hope you receive my letter. Please know that I will be forever grateful to you from the bottom of my heart. That is the ethos of this wonderful city, Mumbai. That is what distinguishes Mumbai. We were not left to our own devices. “Everything was taken care of for us.”

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