What happened in Parliament on 13th December; Get full information here

What happened in Parliament on 13th December: On Wednesday, two youngsters jumped from the visitor gallery to the hall, creating a smokescreen and shouting slogans, causing a severe security breach. It is no coincidence that a terrorist attack on Parliament occurred 22 years ago on December 13.

What happened in Parliament on 13th December
Attack on Parliament on 13th December.


Shishir Sinha, a witness to the incident, explains the breach during the Zero Hour of the legislative session. Two people entered the Lok Sabha, unleashing yellow smoke and yelling anti-dictatorship and constitutional-protection slogans. Sinha describes the pandemonium and eventual arrest of four people, two from inside the Parliament and two from outside.

Calls to remove the dictatorship and claims of patriotism were among the slogans. With 40-50 MPs present, including a few ministers on roster duty, the invaders sought to approach the front row.

Sinha emphasises the professional character of the incursion and shows alarm about the situation, connecting parallels to his experience during the 2001 terror attack. When asked about security precautions, he mentions developments such as barcode readers and holograms on passes, indicating a possible rise in security measures as a result of this attack.

The Delhi Police’s Special Cell has detained two additional people in connection with a significant security breach in Parliament on Wednesday involving two intruders who leaped into Lok Sabha from the visitors’ gallery and sprayed smoke. The entry on the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attack on Parliament raised concerns about security negligence.

The two, identified only by their first names, Mahesh and Kailash, were detained after the fifth accused in the case, Lalit Jha, 35, a resident of Kolkata, surrendered to police late on Thursday.

According to a police officer, Mahesh accompanied Jha and they were turned over to the Special Cell, which is probing the crime. He went on to say that Jha was arrested and Mahesh was detained for interrogation. Kailash’s role was revealed during their interrogation, and he was also detained.

According to police, Jha took a bus to Rajasthan and is suspected of destroying mobile phones before returning to Delhi. He claimed to have lived with Mahesh in Rajasthan while police investigated his story.

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