Who is Shikhar Pahariya and is he Dating Janhvi Kapoor? Get all the information here.

Who is Shikhar Pahariya is the hot topics right now in the town and is he still dating Janhvi Kapoor?

Shikhar Pahariya with Janhvi Kapoor.


Who is Shikhar Pahariya?

Shikhar Pahariya is an Indian philanthropist, entrepreneur, polo player, and show jumper. He is well-known for being the maternal grandchild of Maharashtra’s former Chief Minister, Sushilkumar Shinde. Shikhar is rumoured to be dating Janhvi Kapoor.


In 2008, his parents divorced. Veer Pahariya is his younger brother. Sushilkumar Shinde is his maternal grandfather. Praniti Shinde, his maternal aunt, is a politician and member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly from Solapur.

He entered the world of entrepreneurship at the age of 13 when he founded his own consulting firm. His firm offered advice to the new pet owners. He thereafter began working as an investment analyst for a global conglomerate holding firm called ‘Wadhawan Global Capital’ in London.

Is Janhvi Kapoor Dating Shikhar Pahariya? 

On Koffee With Karan Season 8 Episode 11, sisters Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor revelled in sibling joy. Janhvi, 26, and Khushi, 23, provided a look inside their sisterhood, from approving each other’s partners to raiding closets.

Janhvi talked about her boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya, whom she reconnected with after a brief engagement with a movie star. “Shikhar would always sing ‘Nadaan parindey ghar aaja’,” Janhvi recalled, adding that Shikhar has always been a friend to her father, sister, and other family members. “I have not seen many men capable of being there for another human being,” she added of Shikhar, whom she frequently sees, particularly when offering prayers at temples. Janhvi named Shikhar directly after her father and Khushi when she mentioned three persons on her speed dial.

Janhvi stated that relationships with celebrities are typically “turbulent and chaotic” because “they are consumed by vanity,” and she would prefer someone who is “obsessed” with her and returns her “devotion.” Janhvi described obtaining diamond jewels in a love relationship during the rapid fire round. We’re curious if that was a hint concerning Shikhar’s engagement.

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